About the Challenge

The Challenge

Both design and art foster innovative processes, which often address current social issues along with their technological and ecological aspects. The resulting added value forms a key role within the Swiss market and results not least from intellectual work through design and art. However, starting an independent career is often associated with numerous market-specific opportunities as well as risks. It takes a strong network and a clear position in order to successfully integrate economic, aesthetic and social aspects into an innovative work process.

The «Swiss Cultural Challenge» therefore provides room for development, research and reflection, promoting a critical debate on the current social challenges in the cultural and creative industries. Young artists and creatives from the fields of design, art, media/music – as well as related practices from mediation – are supported on their way to independence. The six-month programme promotes the development of individual projects through mentoring and a wide range of workshops. The offer is supplemented by additional activities such as networking events, conferences and exhibitions.


Communication, narration, network

With regard to authentic communication for relevant target groups, this module illuminates the individual approach of creative working practices – in the sense of storytelling as a marketing tool. The participants reflect on their own professional impact within groups. Based on the insights gained, they work on strategies for a successful public presentation of their project.

Working models, finances, law

Experts present the various entrepreneurial, financial and legal aspects of self-employment. These include the Canvas business model, environmental analysis, financing options, financial plans, intellectual property issues and possible legal forms. Participants will then be invited to combine the findings with their own projects.

Environment, structure, position

This module examines individual fields of work and its structures. It sharpens the attitude of creatives within economic, aesthetic and social parameters. It deals with questions of equal opportunities and outlines strategies for a sustainable, innovative implementation of one’ s own project. Building on this, a future-proof concept for entering the creative and cultural industries is to be defined.