Swiss Cultural Challenge

«It’s nice to see a monetary prize at the end of the Challenge, but the true value of the programme for us lies in the network of like-minded people that the cultural entrepreneurs can build up. In our experience, socially committed initiatives can only work together and in solidarity to deal with a growing scarcity of resources.»

Bianca Elzenbaumer (Brave New Alps, jury member of the Swiss Cultural Challenge)

The Swiss Cultural Challenge is a supportive programme for creative and cultural professionals. The Challenge frames aesthetic and social questions in an entrepreneurial framework.

Young cultural entrepreneurs working in Switzerland are eligible for the programme. These include master students and alumni of art, design and music academies, who are able to consolidate economic, social and creative approaches into their projects. With the Swiss Cultural Challenge ideas or concepts of master students and alumni of art, design and music academies can be explored and contextualized in a supportive environment – through mentoring, workshops and network events. A maximum of 15 proposals will be developed into entrepreneurial viable concepts in the course of the challenge.