Cross-pollination between the Arts, Academia and the Market: swissnex Boston and the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel are pleased to invite you to join our conversation about the intersection of art, academia and the market. Together, we will speak with teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs about the interactions between their ventures.

    What conditions do we want to foster at art schools and universities to promote sustainable entrepreneurial endeavors? How do current social and ecological challenges affect such programs? And what should we expect from the incubators of tomorrow? The event will approach these questions from the perspectives of teaching, research, business, and the individual artistic process.

    Projects and initiatives from the metaLAB at Harvard, Northeastern University, Parsons School of Design at The New School, RISD, and FHNW Academy of Art and Design will be presented and discussed in this evening event with three keynote speeches and a panel discussion.

    The event is a collaboration between the initiative Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship at FHNW Academy of Art and Design and swissnex Boston.

    Keynotes: Jerome Arul, Michael Renner, Selena Savic
    Pannel: Jana Eske, Rebekah Moore, Shannon Rose McAuliffe, Andrew Shea
    Moderation: Alexandra Müller-Crepon
    Conclusion: Jeffrey Schnapp
    Produktion: Jana Eske, Alexandra Müller-Crepon, Laurent Poffet

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    The Cultural Challenge scholarship programme offered in cooperation with Atelier Mondial and the Susanna Biedermann Foundation between the cities of Basel and Marrakesh.

    In February 2020 filmmaker Rim Mejdi took part in the Swiss Cultural Challenge programme. For the development of her new film, she cooperates with students from the Visual Communication Institute at the Academy of Art and Design FHNW. Rim Mejdi completed her Master studies in directing at École Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Marrakech (ESAV) in 2014. She is the co-organizer of SAAED Meetings for emerging filmmakers in Casablanca, director and film producer. In Basel she lived and worked at Atelier Mondial – International Arts Exchange Program.

    Image credits: Summer Vacation 2045. Short animation film. Author: Rim Mejdi. Year of production: 2021. Location: Morocco/Switzerland. In the development stage.

    How can graduates of art colleges be supported in setting up their own company? What competences and qualities do they need to provide in order to successfully run a business?
    The Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship research project provides answers to these questions. It aims at creating a start-up and mentoring platform at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design. There, students from art academies are to be prepared for a successful entry into professional and working life – in both the private and public sectors.
    In the context of the Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship project, both days of the symposium will discuss the economics of creative questions in the field of art, design and economics: The focus shall be on the capacity of culture to initiate social transformation processes.

    A conference organized by the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in cooperation with the European League of Institutes of the Arts ELIA. The focal point of the discussion platform during Art Basel 2015 is on contemporary aesthetic practice, higher courses in the fields of design and art, the social sciences, philosophy and economics.

    In this workshop participants were invited to envision the future of Cultural Entrepreneurship Education. What is necessary to support artists’ and designers’ ground-breaking ideas for a successful navigation through the economies? By identifying correlations between Art, Design, the Humanities and Technology, we wish to critically reflect on educational and supportive structures and their impact on future businesses. We want to connect experiences from Basel and Boston and look in and out of our own environment. Invited guests offered different opinions on how to expand infrastructures beyond boundaries of one institution to promote, teach and support Cultural Entrepreneurship. Techniques, skills and mindsets were shared that help educators, students and entrepreneurs bring the known together with the unknown.

    The symposium presents case studies and examples, brings together advocates and theoreticians and discusses future scenarios of creative entrepreneurship. The symposium is an initiative of the Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship programme at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in cooperation with the Vitra Design Museum.

    In the summer of 2014, keynote speeches and a panel discussion shed light on Basel’s creative economy – the topics of cooperation, economy and visibility were discussed. The series of events organised by the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel represented interregional, state and private institutions and initiatives.

    Panel Discussion
    Philippe Bischof (Head of Culture Department Basel-Stadt)
    Prof. Kirsten Langkilde (Director FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel)
    Frank Lemloh (Director Stellwerk Basel – Bahnhof St. Johann)

    Philipp Grünenfelder (Art historian, Basel)

    Sebastian Dresel (Delegate for cultural and creative industries Mannheim)
    Kathrin Grossenbacher (BA graduate 2014, Fashion Design Institute FHNW)
    Silke Neumann (Bureau N, Berlin)

    The current pandemic has triggered a host of unexpected disruptions. The need for improvisation, new roles, as well as changes to structures and work practices challenge society to create new and sustainable opportunity spaces. In fact, these are all situations which designers are accustomed with and regularly deal with intensively – not least as victims of economic setbacks themselves. We in the Creative Economies now need to come up with constructive approaches, advance tested and proven models, and develop new prototypes, and implement them. The lockdown has encouraged us to perceive unusual, often overheard or drowned out sounds in our social and natural environment more acutely. At the event, we explore these aspects and review examples from the field of design. Key questions include: Who or what do we want to make heard? How do these factors impact on the work of designers? Which methods, procedures, and practices followed by independent designers and their start-ups should we regard as exemplary?

    11.00-11.05 Arrival

    11.05-11.20 Intro Jana Eske

    11.20-11.35 Project sample Matthias Böttger

    11.35-11.50 Project sample Dorothée King,

    11.50-12.05 Project sample Michael Renner

    12.05-12.20 Questions and discussion with Matthias Böttger, Jana Eske, Dorothée King, Michael Renner

    12.20-12.30 Plan B., Julia Sommerfeld & Euphonia, Aleksei Maier

    The Swiss Cultural Challenge Matinée is scheduled for 12 September at 11 am in the foyer of the Tower Building (Building D) and online. Participation is free of charge, but registration is requested. Contact:

    In support of the digital exhibition, the mentors of Swiss Cultural Challenge – Matthias Einhoff (Cofounder of Z/KU Berlin), Monica Moisin (Founder of the Cultural IP Rights Initiative) and Robert Stutz (Cofounder of the attorney’s office Beutler Künzi Stutz AG) – discuss the topic of cooperative modes of negotiation in a panel discussion on 7 May 2020. Under the heading “Looking at Negotiation”, they explore the significance of negotiation processes for the creation of value in the cultural industries. The initial argument is that, as far as cultural and creative industries are concerned, collaborative efforts are far more likely to lead to a successful start-up than competitive cooperation.  The talk is hosted by Jana Eske (Head of Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship).

    NEU | NOW #7 is a cooperation of the FHNW Academy of Art and Design with The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA). Five young talents from different artistic disciplines from academies and art schools all over Europe are presented: R’M AHARONI (BE, IL), PAULA VAN BRUMMELEN (DE, CH, NL), ROBERT GLAS (NL), MARKO MIŠČEVIĆ (HR), GEORGIA RODGER (UK, NO). The exhibition was organized by Jana Eske.

    NEU | NOW #8 is a cooperation of the FHNW Academy of Art and Design The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA). Four young talents from different artistic disciplines from academies and art schools all over Europe are presented: Internationale Gastronautische Gesellschaft (Switzerland), Isabelle Houdtzagers (Netherlands), Jak Soroka (United Kingdom), Gili Lavy (United Kingdom).


    Served Content – Gastronautical Dinner-Performance
    Eating creates sensual experiences, encounters, sends messages and allows influencing. In an experimental dinner, Basel’s Internationale Gastronautische Gesellschaft provides a space for discourse in which visible and hidden facets of eating can be experienced.

    Last night a cowboy saved my life – theatre play
    by Isabelle Houdtzagers
    History repeats itself. Crisis after crisis, war after war. The individual search for love and the big question of whether the world can be changed both lead the audience to the America of the 1970s and infuse the power of storytelling by using a hollywoodesque cinematic style.

    In its 9th edition and for the third time during Art Basel NEU | NOW shows graduates of art academies of all disciplines from Europe: mit Jaeyong Choi (Germany), Theodore Livesey & Jacob Storer (Belgium) und Lana Ruellan (France).

    The exhibition is dedicated to the next generation of artists and designers whose works demonstrate social relevance:
    “Mass” by Jaeyong Choi consists of thousands of cable ties that join together to form an expansive cloud. An artificial structure that can be read as a metaphor for propagation and at the same time expresses how everything is connected – despite the fact that such connectedness remains untouched by authoritarian decision-makers.

    Words constitute reality. But what role does fiction play here? The work “This page intentionally left blank” by Theodore Livesey & Jacob Storer uses automated writing to question the performative in the process of representation, editing and interpretation.

    With her “Mineral Research Laboratory”, Lana Ruellan creates – and questions at the same time – an artificial representation of natural processes: she creates minerals whose chemical properties in no way differ from natural objects, but which can be produced in a much shorter time.

    NEU | NOW presents a selection of the best graduates from various European art academies in the fields of art and design – united on the Campus of the Arts:

    Among them are Didi Lehnhausen, Sara Erzsebet Timar, Emma Van Roey, Sebastian Mulder and Otto Banovits.

    NEU | NOW is an initiative of the platform Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship FHNW Academy of Art and Design in collaboration with ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts.