Founders from the cultural and creative industries show how creative ideas can open up fields of action for entrepreneurial independence and how they can generate viable companies and business models. Interviews with aspiring designers and artists show the background, potential and specific needs of their companies. Supporters give insight into experiences and tendencies of cultural entrepreneurship in their fields of activity.

Achim Heine

Together with Michael Lenz and Peter Zizka, Heine established the Heine/Lenz/Zizka design agency in 1989. Achim Heine and his agency have received numerous awards, including gold medals at the ADC Europe, the iF Product Design Award and the Grand Prix of the DDC. Among other works he designed products for Leica, Rosenthal, Impossible, Volkswagen and Vitra. Many of these works are now exhibited in museums.

Atelier für Sonderaufgaben

As conceptual artists and CEOs of the Atelier für Sonderaufgaben in St. Gallen, Frank and Patrik Riklin work on tasks at the intersection of art and business. With their work as artists, they invade commercial structures, question economic and social conditions, and encounter unusual approaches that inspire the viewer or consumer to rethink.


Sascha Mikel, Michael Tatschl and Martin Schnabl founded the studio breadedEscalope in Vienna in 2008 with the aim to discover and explore new ways of producing in an ecologically and socially responsible manner. The designers perceive their products as an invitation to the public to engage with the everyday handling of objects as well as to question consumer behaviour in general.


OFFCUT regards itself as a material broker and follows an ecological and resource-saving approach. The Basel marketplace on the Dreispitz-Areal is a trading platform for raw materials including large-scale second-hand items. From textiles to building materials – OFFCUT’s versatile range consists of inexpensive, useful and unusual objects from residual, waste and scrap production.

Ines Goldbach

Ines Golbach strives to enable art. Being the director of Kunsthaus Baselland, one of the leading exhibition venues for regional, national and international contemporary art in the Basel region, she offers (young) artists a place and platform for artistic debate within the scope of individual, group or thematic exhibitions. A further focus of her work lies in anchoring the regional art scene in an international context.

Stephanie Jasny

Stephanie Jasny has been working as a Berlin based freelance designer since 2008. She is specialised in designing furniture and lighting systems. Her lamp Cordula has been added to the permanent collection of the International Design Museum in Munich. In addition to her activities as a designer, she works as a lecturer at the Universität der Künste in Berlin where she teaches industrial design.

Frank Lemloh

After his studies in Applied Cultural Sciences at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Frank Lemloh founded the agencies “Artist Team” and “CQ Creative Quartiere und Marketing GmbH” in Hamburg. He was a consultant and head of the office of the Interessengemeinschaft Hamburger Musikwirtschaft e.V. (interest group of the Hamburg music industry) and from 2010 to 2013 regional consultant for Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein in the competence centre for cultural and creative industries of the federal government. Since the beginning of 2013, Frank Lemloh has been managing director of Switzerland’s first creative business incubator, the “Stellwerk Basel”. Frank Lemloh is involved in the organisation team and as a coach at the Startup Weekend Basel. .


For YAAY, the most important task for corporate success is the willingness to engage in debate. This applies to situations in YAAY’s own team as well as their interaction with customers. Entrepreneurial activity means smoothing friction surfaces, resolving resistance and reacting to creative problems with unconventional solutions. The team finds inspiration in reflection and in the interplay between the conventional and the innovative. However, the focus is always on visualisation.

Studio Colony

Studio Colony moves across borders to new fields of activity. The Basel based studio provides contract work in the areas of product design, industrial design and interior design and brings independently developed products to market. The heart of the studio is its own lab for experiments. When developing innovative solutions, the founders Estoppey and Alaca often see their role as that of an integrated branch office of the commissioning company and thus follow a dialogical principle.

Tobias & Rainer Kyburz

Creating something new from residual materials – this is the concept with which the brothers Toby and Rainer Kyburz have been pursuing since 2010. Remnants are used to create innovative interior products. Both Toby and Rainer Kyburz combine their passion for design and economy: Their business idea was launched in Basel’s joint Stellwerk studio, and today their products are made under the “Kyburz Made?” label in their own carpenter’s workshop in Münchenstein.

Ariel Schlesinger

Schlesinger focuses his attention on formal reduction: his goal is to evoke strong sensations with as little effort as possible. In developing his works, Ariel Schlesinger is in constant dialogue with both his professional and private circle. This reflection is regarded by the artist as a central component of his work. After completing his training in Jerusalem and a stopover in Tel Aviv, Ariel Schlesinger moved to Berlin in 2006.