Research & Development

«The socially relevant topics of gender and post-coloniality are significant for the creative and cultural industries. During the Friction workshop in 2018 I saw how my perspective in filmmaking and exhibition practice is connected to that field. What began in Friction set the stage for me to go more in depth and I look forward to bringing more of my work into the discussion with others to develop a more critical framework for looking at cultural entrepreneurship both in theory and practice. I am motivated to contribute to the Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship network and to help to create a platform for all voices that can engage both the local and trans-local critically.»

Harsha Menon (Artist and filmmaker, lecturer at Philipps-University Marburg, Boston)

Actors from the arts, design and media do not develop their professional practice in a vacuum. They are shaped by their environment, both regionally and globally. Infrastructure, educational pathways, networks and individual biographies – all these factors have a powerful influence; they shape knowledge, methods and abilities.

Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship explores this constellation: questioning the current professional situation of actors in the creative and cultural sector in Switzerland, and reflecting on the educational, work and living conditions of cultural and creative professionals. Content produced through projects is expressed in a variety of media and in discursive formats such as symposia, exhibitions, texts, videos, workshops and seminars.