Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship

Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship is an initiative for experiments, research and development as well as support and education in the fields of aesthetics and economy. It is a cross-regional project with reach throughout Switzerland and beyond.

Artistic freedom, interdisciplinary thinking, a sense of social relevance and a high degree of personal responsibility are all qualities that are particular characteristics of artists, designers and musicians, and now such qualities are increasingly relevant and sought after in the diverse world of markets. A combination of entrepreneurship and the arts not only forms new occupational fields for creatives, but it also creates new areas of responsibility that necessitate critical design as well as artistic thinking and practice. Postdisciplinary and cross-regional approaches are our central elements to activate innovative processes.

The competence field Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship with its reflective practice comes into play ¬ in terms of art and design-driven progress, entrepreneurial skills and mindsets demanding an aesthetic and political outlook that can counterbalance trends only focusing on profitability.