Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship

Art and design accompany, mirror, advance and shape cultural developments. They create constellations that coin our world and reflect its transformations.

The aim of the initiative Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship is to promote togetherness in a “singular-plural co-existence”.

The initiative Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship addresses pressing socio-ecological challenges and the impact they have on the cultural and creative industry. In order to investigate and understand their structural intricacy and content complexity, the initiative joins art, design and adjacent cultural and curatorial practices with approaches common to the fields of management, business, law, and communication.

In research, development, and funding projects, the initiative sheds light on the connections, contradictions, and potentials for social development that unfold at the interface of art and design, academy training, and the markets.

The activities of Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship come into effect within the Academy, at the intersection of higher education and professional career. The offer is directed at all institutes and graduates as well as professionals engaged in the art and creative industry. Practice-guided exchange and collaboration with other institutes, initiatives, and enterprises within and beyond Switzerland are at the heart of the initiative and form a seedbed for the exchange of knowledge, methodology, and skills.

Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship contributes to the relevant discourses through exhibitions, publications, discussions, conferences, workshops, and other formats and is committed to the advancement of the cultural and creative industry in line with its critical and innovative understanding of self.

Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship focuses in particular on cultural and creative workers committed to the peaceful coexistence of all forms of life. The aim is to promote innovative business models and their respective initiators, in particular practices of caring for others and oneself in connection with designing, interaction, risk-taking, creative drive, and sense of responsibility.